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Hand Tools & Accessories

Hand tools and accessories are a vital part of any construction and assembly process.

Strut Channels Direct are now supplying items for such jobs no matter if you need to cut, saw, drill, measure, extract, bend or screw items, we have a range of products that will be useful for any project including:-

✔️ Hammers
✔️ Mallets
✔️ Drill Bits
✔️ Screwdrivers
✔️ Holesaws
✔️ Woodscrews
✔️ Pliers
..... and much more

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  • meteor hand saw

    22 inch Heavy Duty Hand Saw

    ex. VAT£11.27 £13.52 inc. VAT
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  • kennedy milling cutter set

    Annular Cutter Mag Drill 6pc Set

    ex. VAT£99.95 £119.94 inc. VAT
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  • Ball Pein Hammers

    Ball Pein Hammers - Kennedy

    ex. VAT£4.05£10.57
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  • metal hole saw

    Bi Metal Hole Saw Drill Bit

    ex. VAT£4.34£11.83
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  • pvc insulation tape

    Black PVC Insulation Tape

    ex. VAT£1.09 £1.31 inc. VAT
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  • large water pump pliers

    Box Joint Water Pump Pliers 255mm 10"

    ex. VAT£13.74 £16.49 inc. VAT
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  • carbide rotary masonry drill bits

    Carbide Tipped Masonry Drill Bits

    ex. VAT£1.80£9.49
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  • wall plugs

    Cavity Wall Fixings Kit

    ex. VAT£11.28 £13.54 inc. VAT
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  • flexible hack saw blade

    Hacksaw Blade Bi Metal Kennedy

    ex. VAT£1.50
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  • insulated screwdrivers 7 piece

    Insulated VDE Screwdriver Set 7 piece

    ex. VAT£9.35 £11.22 inc. VAT
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  • Auto Retractable Trimming Knife

    Kennedy Auto Retractable Trimming Knife

    ex. VAT£5.48 £6.58 inc. VAT
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  • Curved Jaw Locking Grip Wrenches

    Kennedy Curved Jaw Locking Wrench

    ex. VAT£8.06
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  • diagonal nippers

    Kennedy Diagonal Cutting Nippers

    ex. VAT£19.51 £23.41 inc. VAT
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  • flat head screwdriver bits

    Kennedy Flat Screwdriver Bits

    ex. VAT£0.56
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  • rivet tool

    Kennedy Heavy Duty Lever Arm Riveting Tool

    ex. VAT£22.54 £27.05 inc. VAT
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  • pipe wrench kennedy

    Kennedy Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench

    ex. VAT£9.99£11.99
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  • hole saw pilot drill

    Kennedy Hole Saw Arbor Pilot Drills

    ex. VAT£5.28£6.44
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  • kennedy pliers

    Kennedy Insulated Combination Pliers

    ex. VAT£14.55£14.63
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  • long nose pliers

    Kennedy Insulated Snipe Nose Pliers

    ex. VAT£17.45 £20.94 inc. VAT
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  • driver pozi bits

    Kennedy No.2 C/PT S/DVR BIT 1/4"HEX L/S (PK 5)

    ex. VAT£4.48 £5.38 inc. VAT
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  • hex head bits

    Kennedy No.2 S/dr S/dvr Bit 1/4" Hex L/s (pk 5)

    ex. VAT£4.96 £5.95 inc. VAT
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  • trimming knife kennedy

    Kennedy Quick Release Trimming Knife

    ex. VAT£5.49 £6.59 inc. VAT
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  • self tapping metal screws

    Matlock Self Tapping Wood Screws

    ex. VAT£4.24£5.32
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  • red plastic rawl plugs

    Plasterboard Rawl Plugs

    ex. VAT£9.34£9.53
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  • kennedy hand saw

    Professional Hacksaw - Cushion Grip

    ex. VAT£17.60 £21.12 inc. VAT
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    Rubber Mallet Hammer

    ex. VAT£2.33£4.33
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  • sds drill bits

    SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits

    ex. VAT£2.17£32.90
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  • sheet metal step drill bit

    Step Drill Bit For Metal

    ex. VAT£23.61£33.55
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  • wire stripper

    Wire Stripping Tool 160mm/6.3/4"

    ex. VAT£13.72 £16.46 inc. VAT
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  • 10m measure tape

    Yamoto Tape Measures cm

    ex. VAT£3.84£8.27
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  • angle grinder disc

    York Angle Grinder Discs

    ex. VAT£0.63£2.63
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Please note items will take around 3-5 working days for delivery. If you require items sooner, please call us on 0121 553 4760