What is Strut Channel Used For?

Strut Channel is a very versatile product and if you’ve landed on our website then you’re likely looking for strut channels and accessories at sensible prices.

As reputable providers of construction channels and Unistrut-compatible parts and accessories, we’re confident that we have what you need to make your project or contract a success.

However, if you’re unsure about our Strut Channel system or what it can be used for, then we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to explain everything about our products, their uses and detailed specifications.

What Is Strut Channel Used For?

Steel strut channels provide light structural support designed for use in construction and electrical industries.

They’re often used to provide support for wiring and plumbing, but they’re also used to support mechanical components for larger appliances.

Channel support systems are often put together using U-shaped slotted steel channels that are combined with fittings. This creates sturdy metal structures that are capable of supporting electrical conduits, cables, panel boxes and other pieces of equipment with ease.

All the components used are designed to be flexible and reusable if needed.

They can be used to create a permanent structure that is used to support wiring around a property, or they can be used temporarily to store different types of machinery and wires for temporary projects.

In short, it’s an incredibly versatile light construction support product that, thanks to the number of fittings, different types of channel bracketry and sizes, can be used in a variety of applications.

If you’re in need of a sturdy yet flexible framework that can easily be altered to your needs, our Strut Channel system is the perfect solution.

You’ll find that there are other systems such as Unistrut that serve the same purpose and we stock and supply Strut Channel designed to be compatible with existing Unistrut products.

This creates an easy drop-in solution that can be used to extend or replace Unistrut parts, making it simple for you to adopt our diverse range of products and fittings.

We are also the U.K’s No.1 supplier of Pre-Cut Channel Lengths as we offer the widest range of channel lengths available to order online.

Our cutting service allows us to offer channel lengths starting from 150mm all the way up to 5950mm.

This versatility makes us the go to supplier when you need to complete any bespoke type projects that require the channel to be configured in such ways that can only be accomplished by utilising channel lengths that have been cut to custom sizes.

The other advantages of using our range of pre-cut channel lengths is that you will be able to complete projects quicker as there is no need for you to cut the length yourself.

You’ll also find that there will be less wastage per project as you only order the custom sizes that you require.

Understanding the Components of a Strut Channel

The number of fixings, bolts, screws, nuts and brackets that are available help to make the strut channel system an incredibly versatile light construction framework.

However, it’s important to understand the many different terms related to the product and all the options available in order to make full use of the strut channel support system.

So let’s start by explaining the individual components, the types, sizes and also what the accessories do.


The main component of a strut channel is the strut itself. It’s the name given to the U-shaped, slotted steel channel that acts as the building block of your construction framework.

It’s slotted so that various fittings, brackets and hardware can be attached to it, and there are also a number of different channel styles that can be mixed and matched depending on your exact needs.

Strut channels come in various different shapes and sizes. Exact measurements of what we offer are available on our website with the dimensions so that you can create a sturdy framework that is designed for your exact needs.

Our range of struts also includes plain channels that don’t have fixing slots. This is great if you don’t plan to use a certain section of the strut for any fittings or accessories and just want a cleaner finish.

We also offer two main sizes; 41 x 21 and 41 x 41 channel. This indicates the size of the strut.

We also offer the strut in two different metal thicknesses; 1.5mm and 2.5mm. For applications that require the strut to be sturdier, a slightly thicker metal should be used to keep the structure secure.

Our struts are sold in lengths of 3m or 6m, but you can also customise our struts and choose the exact channel type, depth, thickness and length for your needs when using our pre-cut lengths service.

You’ll also find back to back strut channels in our selection that are Unistrut compatible with lengths that conform to BS6946 1988 standards.

These are an excellent choice for certain types of frameworks that require stronger structural integrity.


In order to connect the strut pieces together, it’s important to choose the right fittings to help the pieces come together and also provide structural integrity.

Depending on how you want to mount the strut channel or piece it together, there are a number of different fittings that can open up the possibilities for your light construction framework.

There are small right-angle brackets that can help you connect two pieces of strut together at a 90° angle. However, you’ll also find brackets in different angles that can be used for a variety of different supports and construction styles.

Straight brackets are also available to connect two pieces of strut together if a longer piece is required.

Flat corner brackets can also be used to reinforce flat right-angle strut joints for more stability.

For additional backing and to reduce vibration and noise, we also supply a variety of washers that can help ensure stability and also grounding path integrity.

To connect your strut system to other objects and appliances in the business, you’ll also find a variety of other useful attachments.

For example, strut U-bolt beam clamps can be used to attach the channel to beams and other components of your building, while threaded rods and couplings can be used to suspend strut channel from a ceiling if needed.

By taking a look at our fittings and accessories, you’ll find that you can create an incredible number of different configurations that will be well-suited to your exact needs.

We understand that it can be overwhelming to see so much choice, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about Strut Channel, our fittings or extra accessories that will help our product adapt to your requirements.

Extra Accessories

Here at Strut Channels Direct, we provide virtually everything you would need to build your own Strut Channel framework.

We offer all of the strut channels and fittings that you need but also supply bolts, nuts and washers that are suitable for every part of your strut channel framework.

Simply take a look at our comprehensive store to see all of the different accessories and components that we offer. We’re proud to offer a one-stop shopping solution for all of your Strut Channel needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need advice on how many extra accessories or pieces you need to turn your purchase into a fully-functional Strut Channel within hours.

One of the more important accessories that you should definitely include is channel end caps.

While most of your Strut Channels are likely being used to the fullest, there may be certain occasions where it’s more aesthetically pleasing or safer to use end caps.

These are highly recommended in situations where your staff members may come in contact with the strut channel itself.

Although the metal has been carefully cut, it may still have sharp edges which are difficult to see. With end caps, you can help protect your staff from injuring themselves.

This may also be a legal requirement to finish your strut channels with end caps.

Why Choose Strut Channel Over Alternatives?

The short answer; Strut Channel is compatible with well-known strut systems such as Unistrut which makes our product compatible with a large majority of existing strut systems out there.

It’s also affordable compared to expensive alternatives yet we maintain a very strict standard on quality to ensure that our customers are getting a product that lives up to their expectations.

But let’s expand on this to understand why Strut Channel is the best option for any kind of light construction framework.

If you have more questions or would like some assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you.

We offer fast nationwide delivery to help you set up your Strut Channel system quickly and efficiently, and we also have no minimum order policy so you can order everything from a full framework to just a few spare parts that are compatible with your existing structures.

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